Royal China Collectors Club

Our members collect any and all patterns and items made by the

Royal China Company of Sebring, Ohio.

Our club is founded to reach out to anyone interested in the Royal China Company of Sebring Ohio, its products or its history.  Although the "Currier & Ives" pattern is the most popular pattern created by Royal, our site wishes to provide a venue for collectors of any pattern and style of dinnerware made by the Royal China Company of Sebring Ohio.  Contrary to some misconceptions, we are not at odds with the C&I Collectors Club and are only looking to appeal to a wider number of collectors of all types of Royal China.  I am a contented contributing current life member of the C&I Collectors Club and only wish the best for them and wish them continued success.

I have added a few new items to the Variations Page.  I will be creating a new page for pictures and comments on Interesting Royal China Items that anyone can contribute to.

One of the most common things we hear from other Royal collectors is that the supply has been drying up and there are virtually no more great finds left out there anymore.  We tend to agree, but hope springs eternal.  Here is the latest "find" on our Valentines Day trip to Bangor Maine.  It is a red C&I 1974 calendar plate. 1974 blue calendar plates have been found with three distinctive styles of bisque blanks.  The standard with no inner rings, one with one inner ring and one with two inner rings. This red C&I 1974 calendar plate has the standard backing.


Please be patient as I am rebuilding the entire website, Thanks, ED

 For the official web site of the Currier & Ives Dinnerware Collectors’ Club see:

The Royal China Collectors Club has officially been organized and full benefits and features are scheduled to be operational shortly.  There have been some delays due to family health issues. 

Royal China Club Mission Statement

1) The Club's primary focus will be providing a monthly online newsletter.  This will reduced the high cost of mailing a paper copy.  Paper copies of the newsletter would be available at additional expense to any member wishing one at a cost that would cover the processing and mailing.  Also with online publishing,  the number of pages and space would not be an issue allowing more content per issue.  I intend that only paid members be allowed to login to access the newsletter with the exception of a representative copy that would be available online for all potential new members to see and contemplate the club’s value to them.

2) Expand the website accordingly and make payment of dues possible through PayPal and checks now and in the future other methods such as direct bank account withdrawal and direct credit cards in the future.

3) All club dealings will made public and remain public.  Club member’s personal information would only be shared with their confirmed consent.

4) Provide a virtual repository for all Royal China related documentation.

5) Have an online chat room and host member blogs.

6) Have an online “Questions for Other Members” section, where a question regarding Royal can be posted and any member respond to it.

7) Have an annual convention.  This will take place when the number of members increases to a sufficient amount to support such an undertaking.

8) Have an online gallery for interesting items and collections.

9) Provide a reasonably limited venue for Royal China items to be posted for sale by members without commission.

10) Provide a biography page for all members willing to submit their biography.

11) Yearly dues are $15.00 and will run yearly from one yearly quarter to the next.

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Pay by check to:

Royal China Club
Edward Michniewicz, treasurer
7022 Shaker Rd
Loudon NH 03307-1130

or by $15.00 by PayPal by clicking the button below:


Looking for input!!

As with any club the lifeblood is participation.  Please let me know of any ideas, recommendations and criticism.

Edward Michniewicz

7022 Shaker Rd

Loudon NH 03307-1130

C&I D. C. C Member #377 Life Member #

AKA Big Ed


     Members, please submit website ideas to the Webmaster.  We also need to build a links page, anyone involved with Royal China or the matching accessories that may help our members find the piece they need, please submit your link to the Webmaster for posting.

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Below are links to see my personal images from past C&I Dinnerware Collectors' events that I have attended.  I list these as they are related to Royal China. !!!  If anyone pictured in them does not want their images posted please contact me.

C&I Club Annual meeting and show 2008

C&I Club Annual meeting and show 2007

C&I Club Annual meeting and show 2006

C&I Club Annual meeting and show 2005

C&I Club Annual meeting and show 2004

C&I Club Annual meeting and show 2002

C&I Club Annual meeting and show 2001

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